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About Landis Hudson

Join Maine Rivers and Landis Hudson for an update on the Alewife Restoration Initiative. We’ll talk about the life cycle and history of these interesting fish and talk about why they are so important to bring back to Maine’s rivers, streams, lakes and ponds. Where are the fish now and where have they been? What are the milestones in the restoration effort and what’s coming up next? Landis will also share the Alewife Trail Map, created by Maine Rivers to help people celebrate spring with an alewife adventure. Landis will also share her favorite river books, including two new books about rivers in Maine.

Landis Hudson is the executive director of Maine Rivers, a statewide advocacy organization with a mission to protect, restore and enhance the ecological health of Maine’s river systems. Maine Rivers has been focused on the China Lake Alewife Restoration Initiative since 2014. Since 2008 Landis has been involved in efforts to improve the health of many rivers in Maine, including the Kennebec, Sebasticook, St.Croix, Royal, Mousam and Presumpscot. She loves to swim in the ocean, lakes and rivers.


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