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Vassalboro Community Read 2021

A joint venture of the Vassalboro Public and School Libraries
Grant Funding by the American Library Association


Swimming Home

Wednesday, May 5, 6pm
About Rebekah Raye
Illustrator of Swimming Home

Video Presentation

Wednesday, May 19, 6pm
Zoom with Susan Hand Shetterly
Author of Swimming Home

Wednesday, May 26, 6pm
Book Discussion, Swimming Home
via Google Meets


Monday, May 3, 6pm
About Frank Richards
President of Webber Pond Association

Video Presentation

Sunday & Monday,
May 9 &10, 3 to 5pm
Alewives Sightings at the Box Mill
Fish Ladder with Ray Breton
Find the Alewives (video)

Wednesday, May 12, 6pm
Zoom with Landis Hudson
Director of Maine Rivers

Video Presentation

Wednesday, May 26, 3 to 5pm
Fishy Crafts at VPL
with Alexis Burbank
& Melora Norman

@ Vassalboro Public Library

Wednesday, June 2, 6pm
History, Industry, and the Land:
Alewives and Maine, Exploring the Issues Together

934 Main St
@ The Box Mill Dam in
North Vassalboro

The Alewives’ Tale

Friday, May 7, 6pm
Zoom with Barbara Brennessel
Author of Alewives’ Tale

Video Presentation

Monday, May 24, 6 pm
Book Discussion, Alewives’ Tale
@ The Vassalboro Grange

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Brian Stanley
Library Director
Vassalboro Public Library
P.O. Box 62 / 930 Bog Road
East Vassalboro, ME 04935

Melora Norman
Library Media Specialist
Vassalboro Community School Library
1116 Webber Pond Road
Vassalboro, ME 04989